Energy Management
At Your Fingertips

It is not a collage of technologies grouped in a hub. It is a platform that brings comfort, safety, and control to your home, while assuring an energy efficient consumption by using built-in algorithms to exploit the advantages of Time of Use rates.

Our Approach

One House, One Solution
The only way to set an efficient Home Management System that not only brings control and monitoring while optimizing your energy consumption.

Key Benefits:
- One line of design - No wall clutter - All-In-One Hub - Wireless - Professional or Self Installation Options - Time of Use ready
Save up to 30% on Energy costs

Otek Master Unit

The master unit. It has a 5" touch screen for setting and monitoring all the system. A smart thermostat in itself, measures temperature and humidity and controls a HVAC unit. It also coordinates all other installed units.

Otek Sensor Unit

A sensor unit. It measures temperature and humidity and controls a HVAC unit in coordination with the master unit. 

Otek Security Unit

With the inbuilt temperature, humidity, and movement sensors, this wireless unit gives all the information needed to obtain real comfort and energy savings. If security mode is activated, intruders will be spotted immediately. It is powered by a rechargeable Lithium battery.

Otek Window & Door Sensor

This little piano-like unit is easily mounted on windows and doors to secure the perimeter of your house. Powered by size 1/2 AA Lithium battery, this entry sensor will have your back for over a year.

Otek Irrigation Controller

This irrigation controller features all the specifications needed to obtain the WaterSense Certification from the Environmental Protection Agency. It has four zones with independent watering schedules. Each zone has two control valves.

Coming 2020!

- Swimming Pool Unit  - Garage Unit
- Lock Unit - Shades Unit - Switch Unit

Prefer a personal demo?

If you are within our reach, we will be more than happy in giving you the opportunity of a direct test.
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