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Energy Efficiency

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Solutions Backed By More
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Energy efficiency is a broad field. It covers knowledge and technology that is constantly evolving. We make certain to never be left behind.

How We Improve Energy Efficiency

Maximizing energy efficiency is one of the main goals of modern society. We won't only identify potential problems or areas of opportunity. We'll also develop the proper solution.

Building Related Issues

Equipment Related Issues

Consumption Related Issues

Detection and Correction of:

- Air Leakages
- Thermal Insulation
Analysis of working conditions and recommendations regarding major loads:

- Heating & Cooling System
- Swimming Pool Pump & Heater
- Appliances
- Lighting
Analysis and recommendations regarding your Energy Consumption Pattern.

The Home Management System
That Ties It All Together


Stop Letting Energy Consumption Drain Your Wallet

An American single-family spends about $2,200 per year on their home electricity bill.
Time of Use electricity rates can save up to 20% of your electricity bill.
Much of that money, however, is wasted on air leaks and drafts
Nearly 40% of the electricity bill is due to Heating & Cooling, while Lighting amounts 10% of it
A Time of Use ready Home Management System can save up to 40% of the electricity bill.
Appliances account for roughly 13% of your household energy costs.
Efficient Equipment as well as corrections of Air Leakages and Insulation issues can reduce about 12% of your Heating & Cooling cost.
A proper designed Photovoltaic (Solar) System can control the electricity bill cost due to tariff increments.
A leak of one drip per second can cost $1 per month

Save Energy &
Save Your Wallet

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