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Installation of Solar Panels

Going solar is now a trend backed by its benefits to our environment and to us as individuals. It is mainly marketed as the solution to the high cost of energy consumption, as it uses free sun radiation. We, however, see it as an investment on a personalized electrical energy generation source that should be carried out in an efficient form. It should, above all, be economically feasible

What Set Us Apart?

  • Design based on your daily consumption distribution
  • Use of smart energy rates
  • Integration with energy management devices
  • No need for large rooftop area
  • Up to 50% less than the competition price

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Inspection of Solar Panels

The return of the investment made into solar panels installation (Photovoltaic System) rest on the quality of both the design and the installation of the system.

A poor design, which includes the selection of equipment and balance of the system

  • Increases cost
  • Reduces overall efficiency
  • Affects return of investment
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A Poor Installation

  • Void equipment manufacturer’s warranty
  • Creates safety hazards
  • Increases maintenance cost
  • Reduces overall efficiency
  • Affects return of investment

Yes, your solar panels may look nice, but only the keen eye of an experienced and certified inspector, backed by
state-of-the-art tools can assure you got what you paid for.

Not sure about the importance of inspecting solar panel installations, ask our clients

  • Sunrun
  • Sunnova
  • Dividend Solar
  • Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.
  • Institute for Building Technology and Safety

Solar Panels Cleaning

Solar panel manufacturers use up to date technologies to make them as self-cleaning as possible. However, the following factors work continuously against in

  • Dust and pollution from surrounding areas
  • Angle of installation
  • Raining frequency
  • Birds
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Cleaning your solar panels AVOID

  • Reduction of the energy production
  • Erosion of the protective coating of the solar panel

Why Hiring Us?

  • Cleaning is performed by a Solar Panels Installation Inspector.
  • Cleaning is performed using tools developed specifically for the task, as to avoid mechanical damage to the solar panel surface. Damages voids the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Cleaning is performed with soaps developed specifically for the task, as to avoid corrosion of the solar panel frame and raking components. Damages voids the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Prevent safety risks.

What Else We Cover?

  • Cleaning and removal of bird nest underneath the solar panels.
  • Installation of bird deterrent mesh.
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