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On a Smart Home or Green Building Project?
You’re at the Right Spot!

Our one house – one solution approach gives you a platform that brings comfort, safety and control to your home. While most home automation systems or smart thermostats offer about 12% reduction in your utility bill, our platform guarantees up to 40% reduction when exploiting the advantages of the Time of Use rates.

The Home Automation System
That Ties it All Together

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Pool Heating

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Pool Pump

Our Platform

Main Unit

It has a 5” touch screen for setting and monitoring all the platforms. A smart thermostat in itself, measures temperature and humidity and controls a HVAC unit. It coordinates all other installed units.

Yes! It is also a digital frame where you can show some of your loved photographs.

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Secondary Unit

A smart thermostat in itself, measures temperature and humidity and controls a HVAC unit in coordination with the Main Unit.

Temperature, Humidity & Motion Sensor

With the inbuilt temperature, humidity and movement sensors this wireless unit gives all the information needed to obtain real comfort and energy savings. If security mode is activated intruders will be spotted immediately.

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Entry Sensor

This little piano-like unit is easily mounted on windows and doors for securing the perimeter of your house.

Sprinkler Controller

This irrigation controller features all the specifications required by the WaterSense program of the Environmental Protection Agency. It has four zones with independent watering schedules. Each zone can control two valves.

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Coming Soon:

Swimming Pool Controller, Garage Gate Controller, Lock Unit, Shades Controller, Switch Controller

Key Benefits

Flex item
No wall clutter
All-In-One Hub
Wireless (Bluetooth)
Can control up to 5 HVAC units
Add up to 10 three-in-one wireless sensors (temperature, humidity, motion)
Add up to 30 entry sensors
Time of Use Ready