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Limited Energy Audit

Energy consumption is always a concern as it is a major player on the expenses of any household or business. Most of the time it is the utility bill the “tool” it is used to keep track of the consumption. An increase in the cost, if not related to tariff increments, is always a signal of a potential problem. The source of such potential problem could be one or a combination of equipment inefficiencies, home energy performance issues and changes in our consumption pattern, identifying it is important to establish a solution. Yet source identification is not a straight forward process.

When performing a limited energy audit, we will look for energy “leakages” using infrared technology and/or air leakage analysis. We’ll also examine major appliances and lighting as well as swimming pool and spa equipment.

Know how your building/home is draining your wallet

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Saving Potential Analysis

Knowledge of your yearly and monthly energy consumption is important, yet a full understanding of how it impacts your utility bill can only be obtained by analyzing the daily distribution pattern. It allows to calculate the Energy Cost Reduction if one or a combination of the following solutions are taken, adoption of Time of Use electrical tariff, adding energy management to your home automation project and installation of solar panels.

Information needed for the analysis is usually obtained from your utility provider. If it is not available, we can get it using temporal metering units.

Bet on it, only this analysis gives the real economic feasibility of installing solar panels

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Load Control

Once there is more than one energy consuming equipment, load control brings the organization needed to keep overall energy consumption and peak demand within defined levels.

It does have a great impact for commercial and industrial businesses whose energy tariff charges both energy (kWh) and demand (kW). The latter, which is the maximum energy consumed within a 15 minutes period of the month, can amount more that 50% of the month’s electric bill.

After an analysis of loads and operation priorities, the solution can include timing control, equipment upgrades and parallel energy source

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Submeter Design/Installation

A submeter unit should be considered if you need to know how utilities like electricity, gas and water are being consumed by specific equipment or client (Guest Rooms/Houses, Shared Offices, Apartments Building). Information from the system can be used to establish saving measures or to establish a precise billing system.

Whatever your end goal, we will offer you a fully assembled and ready to install unit, based in open source, UL listed and ANSI certified meters. Data can be monitored permanently both in a free cloud account or in your own server.

It is a fact, awareness provided by a water or electricity submeter can lower up to 29% the consumption

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